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Phil Keoghan

March 28, 2022 Phil Keoghan Episode 63
BriouxTV: The Podcast
Phil Keoghan
Show Notes

Come on down Canada, says Phil Keoghan.

The New Zealand-born host of The Amazing Race is throwing the doors open to any Canadian who wants to prove themselves on his other show, Tough as Nails.

Canadian citizens 21 or older can now apply to be on the CBS series, which will be retuning next season on Global.  Tough as Nails features competitors at work sites who are challenged to prove themselves as individuals and as team members.

Keoghan, 54, agrees that the war in Ukraine has raised the bar when it comes to toughness under fire. He created this series, together with his wife Louise Rodrigues, with an aim to present a positive salute to ordinary heroes.

There’s also a substantial cash prize: $200,000 – American – and a Ford Super Duty truck.

Keoghan is hoping Canadians do well. After all, at one time he enjoyed landed immigrant status. His family lived in Guelph, Ont., for nearly four years when Keoghan was a lad, and he’s been back many times since.

Back in the ‘90s, however, a Calgary border official tore up his Canadian status card. That was a drag, he says. “I was kind of proud of being a landed Canadian immigrant.”

Good thing he doesn’t hold any grudges. Canadians can fill out a CBS casting application for Tough as Nails by following this link. Listen to the podcast to get more information. You’ll also hear Keoghan’s inspired answer to how people of all ages can seize the day with his “No Opportunity Wasted” philosophy.